Monday, March 28, 2011

intro :)

     Hey music lovers its maya!ive decided to make a blog a bout music because i wanted to know others opinion on today's style versus back in the day.i must admit,music that i hear on the radion today  isnt so great.travis porter for example if they dont get real anytime soon i dont see them getting bigger any time soon.what do i mean?travis porter talks about nothing but girls girls and money,like other rappers today (though i would not name them rappers)dont you think they could become a better infuence on their younger fans?yeah i listen to them just because i find their music quite catchy but if you listen to the angers me that people say they are bringing hip hop back but they come with that!my favorite rapper is lupe fiasco.his music is he does not remix music he talks real.
    How was that?just my opinion....if you want me to tell you my opinion on a certain artist comment..or e-mail me at :) enjoy!!!!!