Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hey music lovers i just wanted to let u know that unfourtunately i will not be able to post for private reasons :( but i promise you guys that i WILL be back :) anyway,g2g!!!enjoy!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

trey songz

           Hey music lovers :) as you can see today i will be blogging  about Trey songz.when trey first came out i was a fan of his music but today to tell u the truth im not really as stong a fan as i was not saying he doesn't sound good but i can say he is kind of cheezy and TOO sexual in his music videos and too much details (about sex in his songs)here in Atl the single "love faces" has been played over and over!i do like the song though!I guess i can say i do like the album,but i feel he did not spend much time on his album "passion pain and pleasure" but it had some good songs on favorite song on there was Bottoms up just because i love nicki mainaj :)
           How was that?of course it was my opinion :)!did i mention i was 12?yeaahhhh i turn 13 june 2nd< im expecting preasents people!lol jk.anyway like i said in my last blog if you want me to say my opinion on ANY other artist or maybe just a song :) and starting today i will be starting a new thing call "song of the day" :) yepperz!!!!and todays song is "Rockeeteer" by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder :).annnnyyy way this is the end of today's blog!!!!!!hope you enjoyed it :)
                                                                                        -Maya <3

Monday, March 28, 2011

intro :)

     Hey music lovers its maya!ive decided to make a blog a bout music because i wanted to know others opinion on today's style versus back in the day.i must admit,music that i hear on the radion today  isnt so great.travis porter for example if they dont get real anytime soon i dont see them getting bigger any time soon.what do i mean?travis porter talks about nothing but girls girls and money,like other rappers today (though i would not name them rappers)dont you think they could become a better infuence on their younger fans?yeah i listen to them just because i find their music quite catchy but if you listen to the angers me that people say they are bringing hip hop back but they come with that!my favorite rapper is lupe fiasco.his music is he does not remix music he talks real.
    How was that?just my opinion....if you want me to tell you my opinion on a certain artist comment..or e-mail me at :) enjoy!!!!!